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Doctor of Credit reports that two Amazon deals that were reported a few weeks / months ago are back, and now working in many cases where you couldn’t get it when it was first announced.  I personally was not eligible then but was now

  • DEAL 1 – $25 off $50 when paying with American Express Membership Rewards.  Check this link to see if you’re eligible.  There should be a link to check if you’re eligible or not.  If you are, good.  If not, sorry :-).  You need to enroll in this deal by clicking the link
  • DEAL 2 – $30 off $60 when paying with American Express Membership Rewards.  This one does not require pre-registration.  Just add coupon code AMEX17PRIME at checkout.

The 2 deals should stack, meaning you should be able to make $60 in purchases for $4.99 and 1 Membership Rewards point.

If you’ve never linked your American Express card to your Amazon account, you’ll need to do that first – which you can do here.  You will need to have an American Express card that pays Membership Rewards.

Hopefully this will be clear to you, but you absolutely should NOT use your Membership Rewards to pay for things at Amazon on a regular basis – the value you get from your points is really bad.   Change the amount to pay $0.01 with Membership Rewards ($0.01 = 1 MR).  It should look something like this

What to buy at Amazon

I’m sure most of you will not have trouble figuring out what to spend $60 at Amazon :-).  I personally went with some 3rd party gift cards, with intentions to resell them, because I’d rather have $50 in cash than $60 at Amazon (generally speaking).

(SEE ALSO: How to get started in gift card reselling)

I went with Lowe’s as that’s the one I could resell for the highest percentage.  Of course if you have more regular purchases at Amazon than I do, your mileage may vary.

You might also check Amazon’s Daily Deals to see if there’s anything that interests you, or 14 of my top travel and roadtrip books.  A few other things that caught my interest

Those links to Amazon are my affiliate links and may pay me a commission if you buy anything through them.  As always, thanks for your support.

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