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Well it was a whirlwind 36 hours of Amazon Prime Day.  If you’re mad that Prime “Day” lasts 36 hours but don’t blame me – blame Amazon! Prime Day is officially over but there are a few things that are still some Amazon Prime Day deals still available.  Some aren’t quite as good as they were during Prime Day but you might be interested anyways. I may receive a commission if you purchase any of these products through my links – I appreciate the support

Amazon Prime Day Deals still available through Alexa

Most Prime Day deals are no longer available on the website, but CNET is reporting that they there are many Amazon Prime Day deals still available if you order through Alexa.  Here are a few of the Amazon Prime Day deals still available but you can see the full list of Amazon Alexa Deals here

In addition to the Alexa / Amazon devices, there are still a few other Amazon Prime Day deals still available through Alexa

I’ve included the links to the website just for information but the prices on the website are NOT the Prime Day deals still available – Prime Day pricing is (as of now) only available via Alexa.

Prime Day deals still available on the website

There are still a few Amazon Prime Day deals available on the website.  Or while they might not be Prime Day deals, they are still deals.  As always, you can check out the Amazon Today’s Deals page for more info

And don’t forget your 20% off promo code

Remember that you can check to see if you’re targeted for 20% off on these purchases with promo code AMEXSWP20PD and that often it is taking that 20% discount off the ORIGINAL price, meaning that you can often stack and get 50 or even 60 percent or more off

Gift cards are always a good option – there are mixed reports of people being able to buy $400 in Amazon gift cards for $100 off as long as they included at least $100 in either 3rd party gift cards or other merchandise sold by and at least 1 Membership Reward point with promo code AMEXSWP20PD.  If you’re looking for travel gift cards, Southwest Airlines, AirBnB and are options.  Lowe’s and Safeway gift cards are also fairly popular

What was your best Prime Day score?

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