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So in the year or so that I have been discovering the concept of using miles and points to travel the world for free (or cheap), I have read and learned much from several different blogs, people and websites.  There seems to be a ton of different blogs out there, covering seemingly every possible niche of the space, often with many different overlapping takes on it.

So what possible need can there be for YET ANOTHER blog?  Maybe none indeed, but as I read the different blogs, I see a lot of this


Now, those are nice things, and very aspirational and fun to look at, but…. that’s not quite how MY family is.  I’m used to more something like….


Actually, although that is not my family (that picture as well as the other 2 are both from Flickr and licensed under Creative Commons), it could be – it has the right amount of people.

So there’s a big difference between someone who travels around the world because it’s just them and their spouse, and someone with a family, especially a large family such as mine.  This blog will be mostly to talk about the details of how to travel with a larger family, as well as the differences between the advice that you will see on other travel blogs / sites (that are focused mostly on 1 or 2 people) and the advice that works when you’re trying to travel for 8 :-).

Stay tuned and thanks for being along for the ride!

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