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On a sleepy Monday morning, here are a few of the interesting travel-related links that I’ve seen around the Internet recently:

  • An interesting article about full-time hotel travelers. I know that Drew and Caroline over at Travel is Free don’t travel full-time necessarily, but IIRC they don’t have an actual “home”, so fairly close.  I want to say there is a BoardingArea blogger who was getting rid of his full-time home to live out of hotels, but his name escapes me.  Let me know in the comments if you know who I’m talking about
  • The MH17 tragedy continues to be top billing in the aviation news.  I haven’t spent too much time on this blog talking about it since there’s plenty of other websites out there talking about it, but one interesting article I saw was the chief of the Emirates airline calling for an international summit about ensuring safety for international flights.
  • Could airlines make you go to the bathroom before boarding a plane?  FiveThirtyEight (one of my favorite non-travel sites) talks about why that might make sense for passengers AND airlines
  • Finally, from the Onion (satirical website if you’re new to the Internet 🙂 ), here’s what I am hoping my vacation will NOT be like.

Anything else interesting out there?

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