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Tomorrow (Wednesday November 16th), Hyatt is running an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) over on Reddit on the new changes to their loyalty program, and the transition from the Hyatt Gold Passport program to the new World of Hyatt (starting March 1, 2017)


Hyatt AMA with Jeff Zidell (SVP of Hyatt Loyalty)

The email I said that Jeff Zidell, Hyatt SVP of Hyatt Loyalty will be answering questions as part of a reddit “Ask me Anything” series tomorrow (November 16th) at 12pm CST (10am PST, 1pm EST, 5pm GMT).  If you’ve never heard of an Ask Me Anything, the idea is that anyone can ask well… anything :-).  Not all questions are answered and different guests get into the spirit of things more or less (hello Woody Harrelson!).

There are 2 different (similarly named sub-reddits).  AMA and IAmA.  The latter has about 50x more people in it, but I do not see Jeff Zidell or anyone from Hyatt on the schedule for the 16th.  So it’s unclear to me, which of these forums (or other) Jeff will be participating in.  The email I got says that I’ll be “emailed a link” sometime on November 16th.

If you have any questions, log on to reddit tomorrow and ask away as well as up-voting questions that you want Jeff to answer.  It says that Jeff will answer questions for about 30 minutes.

What would be the 1 question YOU would like to see Jeff and Hyatt answer?


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