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I’m usually not much on coming up with flight deals, and I can’t even confirm that this one is a GREAT deal. It seems like a good price to me though, and so I thought I’d share it in case anyone else was looking for it.

I was looking around on Google Flights and found this deal from Boston to Beijing China (PEK)


It’s pricing out as low as $303 one-way or $542 roundtrip, for several dates over the next few weeks.


Most advantageous (aka longest) routing is through Los Angeles and Seattle – example routing below


Where to credit your miles

If you remember, Delta no longer gives mileage credit based on the miles flown.  So if you have no status with Delta, you’ll earn only 5x the fare cost, which would be somewhere around 2000 miles (depending on how much of this fare is taxes).

This is a Class V fare, so if I am reading my charts correctly, it will credit as 50% on either Virgin Atlantic or Alaska (if I’m wrong about that, I’m sure someone will correct me in the comments!)

I was also seeing some flights to Beijing on Hainan Airlines, which is a new partner of Alaska and you can get double miles on Hainan flights crediting to Alaska, so it should around 18,000 Alaska miles after the 50% credit and doubling of the miles (you’ll need to register for the Alaska / Hainan Double miles promotion first!)

US citizens do need a visa to visit China, though this stay should be eligible for the 72 hour visa-free stay if you’re staying less than 3 days.

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