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Right now, it’s possible to buy British Airways Avios with up to a 30% bonus–but you’ll want to check and see if you’re targeted! This deal is good through March 23rd, so you have some time to think about this promotion.

Avios Header

As you can see from the image above, I was only targeted for a 15% bonus, which is sort of lame, but a free 15% is better than nothing! Does it make sense to buy points at either level? Let’s check it out.

15% bonus – No way!


If you were to maximize this promotion, you’d spend $2,775 dollars to get 115,000 points, which is a purchase price 2.41 cents per point. Yikes! Avios are generally valued around 1.5 cents per point, so this doesn’t represent a great deal.

30% bonus – Still eh!

If you were targeted for the 30% bonus points, you’d be able to buy 130,000 points for $2,775, which is a purchase price of 2.13 cents per point, which is closer to the 1.5 cent per point value, but still not great.


Unless you need to top up your account for an impending award booking, I’d say “hard pass” on this promotion. If you’re still interested in buying points, you can access the promotion here.

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