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Currently it is just another sunny day in the San Francisco Bay Area, freezing cold but at least dry. All that will change in the next 18 hours. A major storm is expected to hit the bay area by Friday night and bring as much a month’s rain in a short 48 hours. It is guaranteed to bring chaos on the road, in the airports and up in the mountains.

Bad weather everywhere this weekend

From California to the Carolinas, states are bracing for massive winter storms this weekend. More than 40 states are under winter- related advisories or warnings. States of emergency are in effect in Alabama and Georgia, where several inches of snow are expected.

Airlines issued travel waiver advisory ahead of the storm

In an effort to minimize impact, Delta proactively cancelled nearly 350 flights ahead of the storm. Four major airlines issued travel weather waiver and travel advisory on Thursday afternoon:

What to do when bad weather affects your travel

Obviously the best way to avoid being stranded in airports is to cancel the travel plan and avoid the bad weather all together. But if that is not an option, here are some tips to help you ease the pain of potential delays and cancellations:

  • Call your airline before or during the flight, or while waiting in line for airport counters.
  • Message your airline via Twitter or Facebook for faster service, even when you are in flight.
  • Change to early morning flights
  • Avoid regional jets flying out of hub airports
  • Don’t check your bag
  • Consider overnight at a hotel


So be sure to check your flight status before heading to the airport this weekend! Safe travels!


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