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Okay okay I get it.  There’s a big cognitive dissonance between parents of young kids and everyone else.  Even (former) parents who no longer have little ones seem to forget what it’s like to have little kids, not to mention people who don’t have kids (some of which actively DON’T LIKE kids)!

So we have people who tell other passengers that they are “the type of people that shouldn’t have children“, or moms that feel like they need to make and give out goodie bags to fellow passengers.  And sometimes we have the dads in first class while mom and the kids sit in the back of the plane


Just say NO to giving out goodie bags on planes!

Are children really the most annoying people on the plane?

I read a great article on Scary Mommy the other day – called “Children are not the most annoying people on the plane“.  A couple of her points:

You’re essentially traveling on public transportation.  And public transportation is undoubtedly annoying. But small children aren’t the only ones who make it so


Traveling with small children is stressful because other people make it so. Because if there’s so much as a peep out of your child, you’re treated to passive-aggressive sighs, eye-rolls, and even verbal complaints

The author mentions a NY Post article called “The 8 worst types of kids on a flight” and counters with her own list of the 8 worst types of adults on the flight, including “Mr. Oblivious”, “the Manspreader”, “Drunk Young Professionals” and more.  Read the original post for the full list.

What’s your take?

Where do you sit on this?  Are children the most annoying people on a plane?  Or have you seen worse behavior from adults?  I get that kids’ behavior is not always quiet (believe me, as the father of 6, I know!), but generally speaking, I feel like in many situations (airplanes included), kids have better age-appropriate behavior than many adults.

Give me your take in the comments


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