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(EDIT: The date is 2/6, not 2/13)

The miles and points “game” can sometimes feel very solitary.  Unless you meet someone in line trying to load your Bluebird or Serve (if you even still have one!), or maybe in an airport lounge, your social interactions are often behind a computer screen, like on Twitter or Facebook.

I’ve had a lot of fun when I’ve attended conferences such as the Family Travel for Real Life.  Here’s a shot of an “after party” after the last Family Travel for Real Life conference


This was an “after party” after the last Family Travel for Real Life conference, from Leslie at TripsWithTykes

Of course, I’m the guy in the back in the white shirt, obliviously checking my phone, so obviously I’m a real social butterfly! 😀

One of the rules of manufactured spending is that “all manufactured spending is local”, meaning what works in one location might not work in another.  Specifically here in Cincinnati, we have 2 working “Kates”, many grocery stores that will let you buy Visa gift cards with a credit card and sell you money orders with multiple debit cards.  Those strategies may not work in other cities.

We had a lot of fun at our first Cincinnati miles and points meetup, so now that we’re past the busy holiday season, it’s time to try another one!  There have been lots of changes since October, with the death of all the birds, changes to award charts, and more.

Here’s a shot from the inaugural Cincinnati miles and points meetup, which we had back in October at Dewey’s Pizza


Obviously I’m quite the “photog” capturing the server blurrily moving through my picture… 🙂  I wasn’t quite sure how many people to expect, but we had I think 14 people there, with a wide variety of skill and interest levels.

Cincinnati miles and points meetup dates

The next Cincinnati miles and points meetup will be Saturday, February 6th, in the afternoon.  Last time we tried a lunch meeting but that ended up not working so well as it was really hard to hear everyone in a busy restaurant.  If that date doesn’t work for you but you’re interested in attending, leave me a note in the comment with what dates and times would work for you.

I can’t promise we can accomodate everyone, but I DO promise that if this one is successful, it won’t be the last Cincinnati miles and points meetup that we hold!

Cincinnati miles and points meetup location

We’ll keep the location somewhat central, or perhaps on the east side, selfishly because that’s where I live.  Since a restaurant seemed to not work great for us, we’re going to try somewhere quieter.  It’s likely to be in a meeting room at a library somewhere on the east side

So, if you’re from Cincinnati (or Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana, Dayton, Columbus or anywhere else nearby) and have a hankering to talk about any aspect of miles and points, leave a note in the comments.  You can also email me at dan at pointswithacrew dot com if you want to get put on my “list” of local folks who are interested in these meetups.

I’ve set up an Evite at so you can register if you’re interested in attending!

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