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Story is coming out of Delta flight 945 from Detroit to Minneapolis a few days ago.  There was a medical emergency with an unresponsive passenger.  An African-American woman doctor raised her hand to volunteer her services but according to her was rudely dismissed by the flight attendant.

The doctor’s side has been captured on her Facebook post.

Always 2 sides to every story

I always try to remember whenever I hear stories like this that there are usually (at least) 2 sides to every story, and it’s human nature to paint yourself in the best possible light whenever you’re telling a story (I know I do!)

While I can totally believe that the flight attendant judged her as not “looking” like a doctor (or whatever preconceptions this particular flight attendant has of what a doctor “should” look like), I did think later that the flight attendants do probably have to have some sort of proof that the person they ask to help IS an actual doctor (and not just someone who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night).  I could see the airline opening them up to some liability if they just let some random guy (or girl) pretend to be a doctor.  I guess I don’t fully know what the law is here though.

Delta has put out a corporate news release responding to the story, which you can find here.  It says all the things you would expect a bland corporate news release to say “Blah blah blah we’re investigating blah blah we take this very seriously blah blah we can’t comment because it involves personnel matters blah blah”

Have you ever been involved in a medical emergency onboard a flight?  How was it handled?

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