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Maybe this is common knowledge across the travel hacking community, but I recently came across a trick to get a live chat at American Express.  I had seen one periodically, but it wasn’t until I figured this out that I could reliably get the link for chat (it’s not in the Customer Service section, unless I just missed it).  Apparently I am not alone in this

amexlivechatgoogleWhy chat?

Surely there are times where it’s best to just talk it over on the phone, but especially for those of us who have grown up in the computer age there are times when it’s best to chat.  It’s more convenient, you can multi-task (nice for those of us whose “real” job is at a computer.

Another nice feature is it lets me pretend to be my wife (with her permission).  That’s harder to pull off on the phone :-).  No, really, I tried once – it was bad news.  I tried several times to get Carolyn’s 50,000 Membership Rewards, only to be shot down, and then given it anyways, 11 months later.

So, how do you do it?

First, go to the Payments tab.

amexlivechat1Apparently, American Express wants to be extra helpful when you’re giving them money, but not so much anywhere else….

Then, wander around the Payments page for awhile.  I don’t think you actually have to do anything while you’re on the page.  If you get bored just think “Man, I sure want to give American Express millions of dollars, but I just can NOT figure out how to do it.  HELP!!!”

After awhile, down in the lower right corner, you’ll see something new

amexlivechat2(Hopefully I managed to redact all my actual Amex details!)  Click on that window, and you’ll get a popup.

amexlivechat3After a bit of time, you’ll be connected to a live representative, and be on your way!  From what I’ve found, if you ask them to do certain things with your account, the rep will ask you the Security Question on the account.  For some reason, at least in Firefox for me, the window doesn’t always expand when they ask you the Security Question so I have to manually drag it to the right.

The bottom line

If you’ve ever wanted to do a live chat on – now you know how!  I’ve had a 100% success ratio getting to a live chat operator off of the Payments tab and now you can do!  If you have any other tips for how to get a live chat operator, make sure to mention them in the comments!

Check out this easy trick to always get a live chat with American Express


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