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Reality star Kim Zolciak says she and her family were kicked off a Delta flight because of “misbehaving” and crying kids. This is at least the contention of one airline employee. The family had boarded the Atlanta-bound aircraft, but were later escorted off by a gate agent. Brielle Biermann, Kim’s daughter, fired off a series of tweets expressing both her displeasure with the situation. And that the police were now involved.

Brielle at least hints as to what the real reason was: her dad had stayed behind to finish paperwork bringing their “service” dog through security. He then arrived at the gate after the aircraft door had closed, meaning he and the dog would be staying behind while the rest of the family took off. It’s not clear who made the decision to remove the family at this point. Delta says the family chose to deplane.

An Emotional Issue

Reading between the lines of what the family says happened, it really seems like the entire issue is centered around the service animal. Delta calls it an emotional support animal in their own statement. Rather than garnering sympathy, the family took heat from some following the situation. It sounds like they don’t actually have an ESA, and are more or less taking advantage of the policy to bring their dog on board. This is a major pet peeve of mine. It doesn’t seem that there was any issue bringing the animal on board, just that Kroy Biermann was delayed with paperwork, resulting in the late arrival at the gate.

For their part, Delta denies that the family was removed. The airline’s claim is that the family elected to deplane once they knew Kroy would not be flying with them due to arriving too late. How this turned into being thrown off the flight for kids misbehaving and crying is beyond me.

While I would normally sympathize with parents that actually experienced poor treatment by an airline, what actually happened here seems to be much different than what the family is making it out to be.


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