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As a self-proclaimed “road geek”, Four Corners monument has long been something that has interested me.  I put it on my travel bucket list, and have had a couple of possible trips to get there.  When I was in Denver a few years ago visiting family, I tossed out visiting the Four Corners monument as a possible day-trip, but was shut down.  Many years ago while visiting my sister in Phoenix, I couldn’t even get anyone to drive 5 hours to New Mexico (to pick up a new state!), much less up to Four Corners monument 😛

Is 4 corners monument bucket list worthy, or a total ripoff? Find out what you need to know before visiting Four Corners USA!

Planning a visit to Four Corners monument

As part of my Utah county trip, I felt like it was certain that this was going to be my time.  Since I “had to” visit all of southern Utah (“had to”, of course, in air quotes), I’d be right in the area.

Upon doing a bit of research, I had read that it was a bit of a let-down and not very exciting

Here is the official site of the Navajo Nation page about Four Corners monument – it’s basically just a circle in the ground in the middle of the desert.

But we knew that going in, right?  What bummed me out was a $5 per person (cash only) fee to enter the park and take the obligatory pictures.  I guess it’s no different than any other “park”, but I’m glad I figured that out before I left so I could make sure to bring cash.  Normally I don’t carry much cash – I’m a miles and points credit card guy, right?!! 😀

Arriving at Four Corners monument

I came to Four Corners monument on US-160 East, after having stayed the night at the Rodeway Inn in Page, Arizona near Lake Powell.

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I got there at about 8:30 a.m., paid my $5, and parked the car

4 corners entry sign

I assume due to the early time of day, there was just one other group there – what looked like a father and son.  As I approached, they asked “Can you take our picture?”  “Only if you take mine!” was the natural reply.  After I took their picture, they took mine, and then once they left I took a few other pictures.


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I spent about 15 minutes there and then was on the road to finish up visiting every county in Utah.  So… circling back to the original question, I’d say if you’re in the area, or if you’re a map-geek like I am, then it’s probably worth the $5.  Just don’t budget in any more than 15 minutes or so 🙂


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