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Yesterday we posted about how you could get 1000 free Aeroplan (Air Canada) miles in about 60 seconds, though later reports indicated that you may only get the miles if you were targeted for the account.

Today’s free miles and points come courtesy of Angelina Travels, who reports on how you can get 500 free La Quinta Rewards points for syncing your account and following La Quinta on social media


You get 100 points for syncing your account on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and another 100 points for following La Quinta on Twitter and Instagram.  You can get 50 more points for tweeting or posting on Instagram with hashtag #LQreturns

Note that the app that LQ is using to run this promotion (Chirpify) did ask for some strange permissions, so if that bothers you, you may not want to participate.  Or you could set yourself a reminder to review / unapprove the app later

Different chains have different rules about whether participating in these types of promotions extends the life of your points or not, so it is not clear to me whether this will or not. I know getting the points for watching the La Quinta video promotion (Which seems to come around every few months) does NOT extend the expiration of your points

(SEE ALSO: When La Quinta points expire: Best way to extend them)

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