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The other day, Frontier made a huge schedule change, affecting hundreds of flights across their network.  The other thing that happened is that because Frontier has a fairly sparse route network (with many cities having just one flight a day), many of these Frontier schedule changes were fairly drastic.

I have not flown Frontier in many years, though I do have an upcoming flight from Denver to Cincinnati, and it WAS affected by the Frontier schedule change.


I love schedule changes

Schedule changes are the best, and a Frontier schedule change is no exception.  When an airline involuntarily changes your schedule, that is pretty much code for getting them to do anything you want with no penalties.  A schedule change is how I got us 16 extra hours in Rome for free

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Don’t accept a Frontier schedule change

So the very first rule when you get a Frontier schedule change or any other schedule change is that you never never NEVER just accept the change.  You see how they want you to put your name in that form and “Accept New Schedule” ? Don’t do it!  It’s a trap!

Instead I called Frontier.  I was on hold twice for about 30 minutes each before I gave up on that and just ended up tweeting them instead

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Because Frontier only has one flight a day from Denver to Cincinnati, there was not a whole lot that they could do

The originally scheduled flight left in the afternoon (about 2pm I believe), so I didn’t tell them that an early morning departure was actually MORE convenient for me (gets me home earlier) 😀

Getting a voucher from a Frontier schedule change

I actually had received the email about the Frontier schedule change a few days ago but it wasn’t until I saw a post over at Running With Miles that he had gotten a $100 Frontier voucher from his change

So I thought I’d give that a try.  My change was only 4 hours (compared to 10 hours for Charlie’s flight), so I was offered only a $50 voucher.  I took it.  It expires in December and I’m not 100% sure I’ll actually ever use it but hey not too bad!  Maybe I’ll be able to use it with the recent addition of 85 new routes from 21 cities on Frontier (including 6 from Cincinnati) that was just announced.

And after reading his account of being on hold for 95 minutes, I’m glad I just tweeted them instead!

Did you have a Frontier schedule change?  Have you tried getting a voucher for a future flight?


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