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But it’s not even Halloween yet!  I know, I know, but trust me, the holiday shopping season is starting.  Look through the aisles in your favorite store.  You better get ready!

There’s a number of airline shopping portal bonuses to ease the pain, check them out!  Notably, Delta is missing from this list, but we’ll keep an eye on their portal for the next few weeks, I’m sure they’ll have something soon.

All of these shopping bonuses are valid from October 29th (today) through November 18th.  You have a little under a month to accomplish the spend!

Southwest Rapid Rewards

  1. Spend $150, earn 500 points (3.33x miles)
  2. Spend $500, earn 1,000 points (2x miles)
  3. Spend $1,000, earn 3,000 points (3x miles)

At 1-1.5 cents per Rapid Reward, you’re looking at a maximum value of $45 for the top bonus.  In some cases, 3,000 miles might even be enough to get a cheap one way on Southwest!  (Well, you’ll still need that pesky $5.60 for the taxes and fees).

United Airlines MileagePlus

  1. Spend $150, earn 500 bonus miles (3.33x bonus miles)
  2. Spend $750, earn 2,500 bonus miles (3.33x bonus miles)
  3. Spend $1,500, earn 5,000 bonus miles (3.33x bonus miles)

Just like American, every bonus level here is worth 3.33 additional miles per dollar spent, if you hit the bonus level exactly.  At 1.5 cents per mile, The United bonus will give you a maximum of $75 in additional value.

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

  1. Spend $150, earn 500 bonus miles (3.33x bonus miles)
  2. Spend $600, earn 2,000 bonus miles (3.33x bonus miles)
  3. Spend $1,200, earn 4,000 bonus miles (3.33x bonus miles)

For American Airlines, every bonus level is worth a 3.33 mile multiplier.  AAdvantage miles are easy to accumulate, but this is a welcome bonus if you’ve got some shopping to get done anyway.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

  1. Spend $150, earn 300 bonus miles (2x bonus miles)
  2. Spend $300, earn 750 bonus miles (2.5x bonus miles)
  3. Spend $500, earn 1,500 bonus miles (3x bonus miles)

For a total spend of $500, you can earn up to 1,500 bonus Mileage Plan miles.  Make the spend by November 18th, and you should be good to go.  The top tier of 1,500 miles is worth somewhere around $22-$30, depending on your valuation.

As always, double check the fine print on these offers, you’ll want to make sure you avoid purchasing gift cards and similar excluded items.  (But sometimes it works anyway!)  These usually aren’t cumulative, so you’ll only earn miles for the highest tier you complete.  Most of the portals are also offering some kind of “Holiday Bonus” miles, which give a bonus multiplier on certain stores.  For example, on the Alaska store, pictured above, you can earn bonus holiday miles on Gap, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others.

I’ll be interested to see how these portals handle the addition of  Typically, “gift cards and cash equivalents” are excluded from portal earnings.  At a site like though, must be allowing miles earnings because…they only sell gift cards.  According to the terms for on the Alaska portal (below) purchases are not excluded from promotions.  Hopefully those purchases also qualify for the bonus tiers.

Please note these terms & conditions: Orders over $30K per month, per customer, are not eligible. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.

Bonus miles on, hopefully this will work for the shopping bonuses!

Happy shopping!

H/T – Doctor of Credit


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