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I really like the new IHG Into the Nights promotion.  It seems that just about every travel blogger out there has written a post about it (I’ve written three!), which I think is appropriate because it’s really a great promo.  In fact, I’m about to write another one! 😛

Airline miles update

I wrote late last week that the terms and conditions of the Into the Nights offer suggested that you might be able to get 50,000 AIRLINE MILES instead of the free nights or IHG points.

ihg-into-the-nights-terms-and-conditionsI still think that you’d have a leg to stand on if you wanted to try and fight for that, but it is pretty clear that IHG at least intends the airline mile bonus to only be 10,000 airline miles, which probably ranks it below 50,000 miles and of course the 2 free nights at any IHG hotel.

Where to redeem your free nights

As I was pondering where to redeem my free nights, if and when I get them, I came across a great series of articles by the Point Chaser, on a listing of some of the more aspirational IHG hotels, by category and location

There are also lists for the lower categories, but I figure if it’s a free night anywhere, a mere “seven” is about as low as I’m willing to go 🙂 .  Leave a comment if you’ve got a great IHG redemption that isn’t on this list!

My offer is still not posting

My wife’s offer is a very good one, one that will get us 10,500 points plus 2 free nights (plus all the points we get for the actual stays). ihg-into-the-nights-carolyn-offer We definitely have plans to take advantage of this offer, as it should be doable with only 3 paid stays. My offer, on the other hand, is still not showing up. ihg-into-the-nights-dan-offer-error I’ve seen a couple of other people on Twitter that are mentioning the same thing.  I reached out to IHG but still have not heard anything except

If anybody gets an update from IHG on this – please let me know!

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