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First of all, I can’t decide if the “P” word is a “bad” word or not so…. erring on the side of caution…  And I am trying to write this without sounding like a completely self-centered jerk.  But these feelings are real, so I thought I would give a voice to them in case I am not the only one.

In any case, I’m sitting at the Hilton Seattle downtown for a work conference.  I ordered a regular room and I got…. a regular room.  And I’m angry.

Okay, I’m not really angry, but for some irrational reason, part of me just feels irritated that I didn’t get recognized and upgraded.


Now, I realize I’m “only” a Diamond because of Hilton status matching a few months ago, though I’d be surprised if differentiating me from a 100 night a year Diamond had any factor.  I did not specifically ask for an upgrade when I checked-in, because the process was so fast that by the time I was getting around to it she already had my room key printed and handed to me.  And after all, I understand that they may be at capacity and all those rooms may be already taken (see: video above)

So I realize this is irrational

I do realize this is irrational.  And I get that I “shouldn’t” feel irritated.  I mean, I am just one person, and there’s no need for me to have a suite.  I just have a regular room, which is plenty nice enough for me


I’m grateful… no, really I am

Don’t get me wrong – I am grateful that miles and points have allowed my family and I to travel as much as we have (READ: Why we are so fortunate in this hobby), although I am not using miles and points in this particular case, I am “paying” for the room and by “paying” I mean my work is paying for me to attend this conference.

So I am hoping that I don’t get a ton of angry comments about how I am a self-entitled jerk.  As I mentioned before, I do realize that these feelings are irrational.

I think it comes down to expectations.  One of my wife’s quotes is

All bad feelings come from the result of unmet expectations

And I think that is what is going on here.  I came in “expecting” an upgrade, and when I didn’t get one, I felt a little letdown.

Readers: Have you ever felt irritated or otherwise let down when you didn’t get an upgrade?  Or am I the only one?

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