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Everyone knows that the middle seat on a plane is *not* the place to be. There is no spot more undesirable. I don’t know of anyone who specifically chooses the middle seat for a flight (although I am sure there is at least one crazy person out there somewhere who does!).

What is up for debate is whether the window seat or aisle seat is better. Now, I understand that this comes down to personal preference in most cases (although you may be more selfish if you like the window), but most days when I fly, I am reminded why I am still firmly on #TeamWindowSeat. It’s the better choice. Dan may be a #TeamAisleSeat convert (SEE: I used to be on #TeamWindowSeat…then this happened), but I’m still entrenched in my window seat ways.  Of course sometimes, there is ONE way that you can get the best of both worlds!

Admittedly, at 5’10” and a hair over 150 pounds, I’m not a large guy. Flying for several hours with only 30” of seat pitch doesn’t really phase me. So when my choice is between a little bit of extra legroom or a portal to the beautiful world outside, it’s a no-brainer.

Why the window seat is better

I remember a trip early last year where the world outside my airplane window was extra beautiful. I took off for Reno, Nevada, where I’ll be at a conference for most of a week. The flights consisted of two short hops in a CRJ-200: one from ACV to SFO, and then a second to Reno.

It was a glorious day when we took off from ACV, and the visibility was better than most days I’ve flown into or out of Humboldt. Across the coastal range I could see Mount Shasta in the distance, towering over the snow-capped Trinity Alps.

I was again reminded of how fantastic my pocket of the world is. Seeing Humboldt from 25,000 feet evoked in me a real sense of wonder. Too often I take the great beauty of the northern California coast for granted (SEE: 5 reasons you *must* visit coastal northern California). I’m truly glad I live where I do, even if it makes traveling expensive and/or difficult at times.

How about you? Are you as enthralled with the world from 30,000 feet as I am, or do you prefer the comfort of an aisle seat?

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