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Many of you have probably head of Drew at  If you haven’t, you should, as his blog is one of the best ones out there IMO.  He and his wife Carrie are full-time travelers, who keep a detailed log of all of their expenses each month at


I met Drew and Carrie at a travel conference this year and I enjoyed talking with them.  I think that they travel the way that we would travel, if we didn’t have all the kids 🙂

Recently they were asked about how some of their experiences would translate to family travel, and Carrie reached out to me to answer a few questions including:

  1. What is your average daily expense is when you travel with your family?
  2. Which costs contribute most to your travel expenses? Food? Accommodations? Land transit (such as rental cars, etc)?
  3. What frugal strategy is the most challenging with a group the size of your family? (Airline tickets? etc.)
  4. Which strategies do you find most helpful for traveling with a family?

To read the whole interview, check out Behind the scenes of family travel with Points with a Crew at FreakinFlyers.

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