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Over the past 4 days, we’ve have the 8 first round “games” of the Travel Hacking March Mayhem tournament.

Each post will run at approximately noon EDT and voting for each of the first round matchups will stay open until next Monday morning (the 21st).  So if you miss a day, you can use the links above to catch up on voting.  Next week we’ll continue with the 8 first round winners and the rest of the bracket

So…. on to the voting!

#7 Hotel Hustle vs. #10 Flight Aware

Hotel Hustle is another site that helps you find hotels in a given area, similar to Award Mapper (#5).  You can filter by any number of different brands as well as the cost in points.  One unique feature of Hotel Hustle is that you can also sort by the Hotel’s “hustle” factor, or the cost per point of a given redemption.  If you register, you can put in your own personal valuations for each brand of hotel points, so you can more easily compare across different rates and award charts.

I use Flight Aware to track aircraft movements.  It lists historical flights for just about every possible combination.  I’ll often use that when I am tracking my flights, to make sure what type of aircraft flew a particular route, along with what the exact takeoff and landing times were (because you know, I like to keep accurate records!) 🙂

So which will it be?  #7 Hotel Hustle vs. #10 Flight Aware? Vote below!

#4 Airline Route Mapper vs. #13 The Flight Deal

Airline Route Mapper is a graphical tool that shows all of the given routes for a given city.  You can filter by airline, alliance or even by distance.  Similar to Google Flights (#3), it is a way to be able to find different flights, and I use it to give myself a quick look at which airlines fly where.  The only downside with Airline Route Mapper is that its data is over a year out of date, so it is not 100% accurate.

the-flight-deal-logoThe Flight Deal is in my opinion the leader of the airfare deal posting websites, which also include Secret Flying and Airfare Watchdog.  They are one of my go-to sites to subscribe to in order to find mistake fares, error fares and just general good deals.

So which will it be? #4 Airline Route Mapper vs. #13 The Flight Deal?  Vote below!

Make sure and vote on our other first round games as well

A note on shenanigans – this contest is meant to be in fun and there are no prizes for winning.  While I don’t mind if you encourage friends, family members and others to vote for a particular tool, please don’t try to rig the system by voting multiple times.  I do reserve the right to disqualify entries and/or just arbitrarily pick a winner if I feel like it.


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