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It has been a bit of a bumpy road for me doing gift card reselling / arbitrage.  Back in August of 2015, I talked about my first forays in gift card reselling.  It didn’t go well – I actually bought some gift cards from one exchange hoping to sell to another one and pocket the difference in rates, but I ended up getting store merch credit which has (still) proven to be difficult to liquidate.

In Q4 of 2015 and periodically over the early part of 2016 I would buy good deals on gift cards, primarily 20% off Gap / Old Navy cards.  It took awhile to sell all my cards due to a flooded market, but I ended up with just under $1000 in profit

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Crazy gift card deals going on this week

I’ve been told by others in the industry that Q4 typically has some pretty good gift card deals and that has certainly proven true so far in 2016.  On Saturday, with the conjunction of a flash sale at Sams Club, some great Amex Offers and a few other gift card deals, I ended up with over $900 in gift card reselling profit from JUST that one day.

I wrote earlier this week about the great gift card deals that are continuing to go on this week at Kroger and Staples, and I took advantage yesterday with 2 stops at Staples (one of them even still had $100 Itunes cards left on the rack!).  Yesterday I mentioned that there were even more gift card deals at Kroger that were just released

Today: eBay discounted gift card deals


Today I learned via Miles to Memories that eBay has several discounted gift cards that I’ll be taking advantage of

Paypal Digital Gifts (but not SVM) typically code as office supply store for Chase Ink Plus purposes, but I don’t know if my Chase Ink card can handle the stress of all these office supply store deals!  Good thing I’ve got my Amex $20 off Staples offer to mix up my card spend, but it’s too bad I’m over Chase 5/24 and therefore can’t get the 80,000 point bonus on the new Chase Ink Preferred card 🙁

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