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Occasionally I see some interesting travel related products being crowd funded that I think you guys might be interested in.  We’ve talked about Fluent Forever (an app to learn languages), and the Voyage Travel Bag among others. Here’s a few of the travel related crowd funded projects that I’ve seen

Travel related kickstarters:

Today I wanted to talk about an interesting campaign that I saw over on Kickstarter the other day – the Voyage Travel Bag.  Made my Sondre Travel, who did the Voyage Travel Pillow, the Voyage Travel bag bills itself as the perfect travel bag

Voyage Travel Bag details

From the Kickstarter campaign – “The Voyage Bag is the essential travel bag for everyday life that combines a forward thinking minimal design and versatile functionality for unlimited possibilities. Our 2-in-1 design allows the Voyage Bag to be a comfortable backpack or full size duffel bag when you are on the go. Pack for any occasion with the open pocket design and multi-functional interior dividing pouches. From daily use to trips & adventures, the Voyage Bag will always adapt to be the perfect travel companion!”

Being able to use it as either a duffel bag or a backpack strikes me as being incredibly useful, and in addition to that, the Voyage Travel Bag has a variety of interior and exterior compartments to allow you to separate your luggage, keep dirty and clean clothes separate, store your laptop and tablet, and/or easily store and charge your devices through the cable pouch.

Voyage Travel Bag video

Here is a video on the Voyage Travel Bag with some of the details

Fund the Voyage Travel Bag Kickstarter

You can fund the Voyage Travel Bag kickstarter here – I may receive a commission if you fund through this link.  Here are the funding options

  • $22 – receive a Voyage Travel Pillow
  • $79 – receive a Voyage Travel Bag at the Early Bird price
  • $89 – receive a Voyage Travel Bag
  • $109 – receive a Voyage Travel Bag and Voyage Travel Pillow
  • $174 – receive 2 Voyage Travel Bags
  • $205 – receive 2 Voyage Travel Bags and 2 Voyage Travel Pillows
  • $259 – receive 3 Voyage Travel Bags
  • $415 – receive 5 Voyage Travel Bags

They’ve already raised over $45,000 of their $15,000 goal, so it looks like it’s definitely happening so no worries about backing the project and them not meeting their goals.

You have until Tuesday December 19th to back the Voyage Travel Bag kickstarter


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