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Occasionally I see some interesting travel related products being crowd funded that I think you guys might be interested in.  We’ve talked about Fluent Forever (an app to learn languages), and the Voyage Travel Bag among others. Here’s a few of the travel related crowd funded projects that I’ve seen

Travel related kickstarters:

Today I wanted to talk a bit about the HyperCube Wireless charging station and sleep aid, which is featured over at Indiegogo

HyperCube Wireless charging station features

There are actually 2 different but related benefits with the HyperCube Wireless charging station and sleep aid – one is the fact that it will use Qi wireless charging to charge your devices, and it also acts as a sleep aid, where it will serve as a clock / alarm while also playing white noise and waking you up with gradual light and sound.

There are 2 different form factors for the HyperCube – the HyperCube solo which folds up from flat into a cube (pictured below)

And there is also the HyperCube Ultimate, which includes a Bluetooth speaker among other features.

They can both be controlled either as a touch screen or through the app.

HyperCube Wireless charging station video

Here’s a video showing off some of the different options and features of the HyperCube Wireless charging station and sleep aid

HyperCube Wireless charging station backing levels and cost

The HyperCube Wireless charging station and sleep aid is fully funded on Indiegogo with over $131,000 raised of the original $10,000 goal. Here are a few of the levels that you can back the project at

  • $119 if / once the early birds run out
  • $225 for the HyperCube Ultimate (with the speaker base)
  • $359 for 2 HyperCube Ultimates
  • $499 for 3 HyperCube Ultimates

Again, here is the link to back the HyperCube Wireless charging station kickstarter – it is scheduled to ship to customers in early 2019

What do you think of the HyperCube Wireless charging station and sleep aid?  Planning on backing this?  Leave your experience in the comments!


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