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Occasionally I see some interesting travel related products being crowd funded that I think you guys might be interested in.  We’ve talked about Fluent Forever (an app to learn languages), the Tropic travel shoe and the Expeditioner Toiletry Bag among others. Here’s a few of the travel related crowd funded projects that I’ve seen

Travel related kickstarters:

Today I wanted to talk a bit about the Trtl Pillow plus, which bills itself as the first fully adjustable travel pillow. You might remember back in July when we talked about the original Trtl travel pillow (check reviews and prices on Amazon)

Trtl Travel Pillow Plus features

The Trtl Travel Pillow Plus is scientifically engineered to better support your neck while you’re sleeping, whether that’s a quick nap in the car, or trying to sleep on a red-eye in economy.  Here are some pictures of how it works

Some pictures of it in use

And here’s a shot of the different features


Trtl Travel Pillow Plus video

Here’s a video showing off the Trtl Travel Pillow Plus works

Trtl Travel Pillow Plus backing levels and cost

The Trtl Travel Pillow Plus is funding on Kickstarter, and is already fully funded ($159,000 out of the $26,000 goal) and you have until November 2nd to back the project. It is scheduled to start shipping by February 2019.

I did not see a way to back this for JUST the pillow without getting one of the packages, so if you’re looking for just the Trtl pillow, you can get the original version for $29.99 on Amazon

Here are a few of the levels that you can back the project at

  • £35 for the Trtl Roamer package, which includes the travel pillow and a travel bag
  • £37 for the Trtl Nomad package, which includes the travel pillow, a travel wallet and a luggage tag
  • £69 for the Trtl Adventurers package, which includes 2 travel pillows, 2 travel wallets and 2 luggage tags
  • £128 for the Trtl Explorers package, which includes 4 travel pillows, 2 travel wallets and 4 luggage tags

Again, here is the link to back the Trtl travel pillow Plus

What do you think of this travel pilow?  Planning on backing this?  Leave your experience in the comments!


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