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I have mostly stayed out of the whole “knee defender” hoopla that has been in the news over the past few weeks.  If you hadn’t heard, the Knee Defender is a device that you can put on your tray table while on an airplane that will prevent the person in the seat in front of you from reclining at all.  They’re legal but banned on most (all?) airlines.  They’re in the news lately because a flight had to be delayed over a fight that broke out over the use of one of these devices.  View from the Wing has the details if you haven’t heard (and if so, where have you been?! :-D)

One of the more humorous articles that I have seen about this came from Fox News – Ridiculous travel accessories that will drive other passengers nuts.  They list off 6 other travel accessories that are out there that would certainly get you some looks!


The B-Tourist is a strip of fabric that goes around the head of your seat and the head of the seat in front of you.  To say it looks…. ridiculous is a BIT of an understatement, wouldn’t you say?


Photo credit: idan noyberg and gal bulka

Setting aside all the obvious questions like what about when the person next to you has to get up to use the bathroom, or what if the people in front of or behind you object to you using “their” seat, I think you’d definitely have to be comfortable looking like a complete idiot 😀

Seatback Travel Organizer

Proving once again the adage that Amazon sells everything, here’s the Seatback Travel Organizer.

Photo Credit: Zen Class

Photo Credit: Zen Class

That…. seems like a lot of things for a long flight…

Plane Sheets

plane-sheetsI’m not sure who the target market is for these – germophobes?  People that need to look fashionable everywhere they go?  Needless to say, if I was trying to get into my (adjoining) seat while you were struggling trying to fit one of these plane sheets on to your seat, I would NOT be amused…

Read the full article for information on these as well as the Ostrich Pillow (pillow that wraps around your entire head), TrayGUARD (protective sheet that goes on your tray table), and the high-powered Beam N Read LED Light

What’s the craziest airplane-related gadget that you’ve seen (or used)?



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