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With Christmas coming, I’m sure many of you are also in last-minute shopping mode.  (Smug people that have things already perfectly planned out need not comment :-D).  In our family, we are not huge Christmas present people, but still when you multiply even a small number times 8, it starts adding up pretty quickly!

Our biggest problem is trying to remember to actually BUY the stuff.  We usually have things planned far in advance – who’s getting what, helping the little kids, etc.  But inevitably there will be 1 or 2 things where, a few days before Christmas, Carolyn and I will ask each other – wait, did we ACTUALLY BUY THAT?!?! 🙂


Amazon shipping dates

Here are the last order dates for shipping on Amazon if you want it to arrive by Christmas Eve (Saturday)

  • 12/22 – Last day for FREE Two-Day Shipping
  • 12/23 – Last day for FREE One-Day Shipping (in select cities)
  • 12/24 – Last chance for FREE Same-Day Shipping* and Two-Hour delivery with Prime Now*

Some last-minute deals

Here are a few of the Last-Minute Deals at Amazon

Or, of course Amazon has just about everything you might possibly want, so you can try these deals or search for anything below

Happy shopping and good luck!

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