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top-10Back last year, I wrote about my Top 10 miles and points tools (you can also view the miles and points tools honorable mentions for useful tools that just missed the cut).  #2 on that list was Autoslash, which is a great tool for getting a great deal on a car rental.  With how awesome it is, you could probably make the argument for Autoslash at #1, if Award Wallet wasn’t so dang useful!

I’ve written about Autoslash before (Using Autoslash to save a ton on your next rental car), but basically the way that it works is that you just put in the dates for any upcoming trip, and it gives you its top price.  I haven’t found that the prices they initially give you are anything world-breaking, but the real magic comes from the fact that once you submit your request, they constantly scan the different car rental agencies looking for better deals, and will email you if/when it finds one

Booking a car to go to #FT4RL (for HALF OFF!)

I am once again attending the Family Travel for Real Life conference, which is in Orlando in April.  I’m actually flying down a day earlier, so I can make some progress in my travel bucket list goal to visit all 3,143 counties in the United States


In fact, it was these exact same tickets which got so many angry commenters on my post Southwest just PAID me to take the same flight!

I originally entered the car rental information into Autoslash a few months ago, and I originally was quoted $81.75 for a 3 day rental.  Not a horrible price, but I knew I could get better.  A few weeks ago, I got an email that my price had dropped to $66.29.  Even better, my rental had automatically been canceled and re-booked at the new price, without my having to do anything!

Then, this morning, I got another email from Autoslash!


Nearly 50% off!

Past successes with Autoslash

This is not a unique experience with Autoslash either – this has happened just about every time I use it.  Last summer, on our epic family roadtrip to Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone, we used Autoslash to book our rental cars (that’s cars in plural, because we’re a 2 rental car family!)

We ended up with a 7 day rental for a little over $100 total, and when we returned the car, the agent at the car rental place said “You got a great deal-I’ve been renting these for $100 / DAY!”

Have you used Autoslash before?  Share your killer deals in the comments!

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