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usairwayslogoSo, most people within the sound of my voice (within the view of my blog?) are probably aware that US Airways and American Airlines are merging, and as part of that, in the 2nd quarter of 2015 (like…. soon!) they will be combining their frequent flier miles.

I haven’t written a ton about the merger because I am not loyal nor an elite on either American or US Airways, and so the changes that they have implemented so far (reciprocal elite benefits, upgrade certificates, etc.) are not super interesting to me.  Even the combining of the frequent flier accounts isn’t a huge deal (though it will be nice to have all my miles in one place)

Combining Dividend Miles and AAdvantage accounts

If you’ve logged into either your US Airways Dividend Miles or American AAdvantage accounts lately, you’ve probably seen something like the following popup.


Unfortunately for me, when I put in my American AAdvantage number ( this is a popup on the US Airways site), I kept getting the following information, no matter if it was my account or my wife’s.



I checked all my information, and it all seemed to match up.  I have been seeing this for a few months now and haven’t really worried about it.  I assumed that they’d figure it out eventually, and it wasn’t really causing me any harm.

But then, while prepping for this article, I thought I’d check one more time, and there – hidden in the

Clicking edit next to my name brought up a screen that had my birth date and gender blank on American Airlines.  When I filled that information out, and then tried to match again…



Now… I don’t know what that gets me, since the accounts themselves are not combined just yet (though apparently that’s coming soon!), but I thought that I would share it in case there is anyone else out there that has had issues trying to combine their US Airways and American Airlines frequent flier accounts.

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