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I do not like commercials, and I skip or mute them every time they come on (which isn’t that often because I pretty much only watch TV for football games). But the series of Progressive Insurance commercials talking about people turning into their parents slays me. I will actually unmute them if I see them because they’re that funny.

I probably find them so amusing because I am basically turning into my parents. :-). I saw a new one the other day about traveling in an airport that made me chuckle again.

“Old Man” Airport Behaviors, According to Progressive

And of course by “old man,” I mean “turning into your parents” behaviors. Here are the ones mentioned in the commercial:

  • Printing out paper tickets – I have definitely done this in the past, including printing out complete itineraries. Nowadays I definitely just keep my boarding pass on my phone, which I think works fine. One place where I do think printing out itineraries can help is for hotels / addresses in foreign countries. That can make it easier for taxis or other people to help get you where you need to go.
  • Pointing out landmarks from the plane – Okay – definitely guilty of that. I’ve always been fascinated with aerial views of things. Though I will say that I don’t normally actually POINT those out to other people. I used to be a window seat guy (to check out the view) but now I am Team Aisle.
  • Packing tons of snacks from home for the flight – I don’t do this one, but sometimes I have been known to take a few extra snacks from an airport lounge “for later”
  • Asking the gate agents when boarding is – I don’t normally do this since I am typically in a lounge and just stop by the gate when it’s time to board.
  • Getting to the airport 3+ hours early – Well here’s another one where they get me. I have gotten a bit better at this from the time when I decided I was wasting DAYS of my life in airports, but I definitely like having extra time. And since I work remotely and can work from anywhere, I don’t see a lot of downside to getting to the airport with plenty of time.
  • Making up plane facts – This one isn’t me – I know many people in the miles and points space are av-geeks, but i don’t think I could even tell a 737 from an A380. (Okay, I could probably do that at least!)

Other “Turning Into Your Parents” Airport Behaviors

A couple of other “turning into your parents” airport behaviors that I thought of:

  • Clapping when the airplane lands – please don’t do this.
  • Excessive conversation with random seatmates – I might say hello and a few things to a seatmate but I mostly either read or work on my computer depending on how long the flight is.

Anyways I thought this commercial was hilarious and wanted to share. Stay “cool” out there in the airport.

What about you? Do you do any of these “parents” airport behaviors? Any others?

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