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Have you ever donated you hotel points?  I haven’t either, so when I saw this email, I was intrigued.

So What is PointWorthy?

It seems Hilton is partnering with a program called PointWorthy.  PointWorthy is a donations platform, allowing the end consumer to make donations to various causes and charities by using their rewards points.  I’m sure some of our readers have heard of it, but PointWorthy is a new site to me.  After poking around a bit, here’s what I found out:

  • You can link various Donation Sources to your account, including Hilton points.
  • I don’t think any other loyalty points systems link to PointWorthy, but I might be missing something.
  • Donations can be in the form of a credit card charge or a Hilton points transfer.

Cash/credit donations are simple – pick a number (any number!) and punch in your credit card information.  As far as donating Hilton points goes, I’m not entirely sure how it works.  My guess is that PointWorthy sells the points back to Hilton.  Or more likely, Hilton actually donates cash on your behalf, debiting your Hilton points account the appropriate amount.

Once you’re logged into your PointWorthy account, you’ll also have to log into your Hilton account.  Here’s the catch:  Pointworthy will only give you 0.25 cents per Hilton Point!  Even for Hilton points…that’s low.

$1,470 / 588,140 Hilton points gives you a value of around ~0.25 cents per Hilton point…

(SEE ALSO – Hilton effectively offered me $250 and three nights for $200. I didn’t bite.) 

While giving to effective charities is always a great thing to do, in my opinion, this is the best worst redemption I’ve ever seen.  Best?  Donating to a worthy cause can be a great thing!  Worst?  That 1/4 cent redemption is brutal..

In my opinion, there are better ways to use your hard-earned points (and cash) for good in this world.  Have you donated with PointWorthy before?  I’d love to hear your experience!

If you’re itching to give away some of your points and miles, try looking into Miles4Migrants too.


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