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This is just a public service announcement at least for US citizens which comprises the majority of the readers of Points With a Crew. If you’re going to be traveling during the time your state votes in the primary (or general election), make sure and either vote early or get an absentee ballot!  Make sure your voice is heard!


Republican and Democratic Primary calendar

Though we missed many states on “Super Tuesday” which was this past Tuesday, there are still more states than not that are left to vote.  The general election date is November 8, 2016, and you can see the primary election calendar for Republicans, Democrats and other parties either at the New York Times interactive calendar or at your local county board of elections.

I realized last night that my home state of Ohio votes March 15th, and I’ll be out of town.  I’ve voted in every primary and general election since I was eligible to vote (hello Ross Perot!) and didn’t want to break my streak! So this morning when I was downtown for work, I stopped by my local county board of elections and dropped off our applications for an absentee ballot.  My state allows early voting as well so I could have done that too but Carolyn wasn’t with me so I figured we would just get our ballots and vote by mail.  Hopefully they’ll come before we leave!

Check the laws in your state and make sure to make your voice heard by voting!

REMEMBER: If you don’t vote, then you’re just whining!

(Please keep comments about specific candidates or issues out of the comments section – remember this is a travel website, not a political one!)

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