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I am not a huge product reseller, but I have dabbled a bit in product reselling.  While there are some people do it for the miles and points, most resellers I know treat this as a profit generating business, albeit one that has a pleasant side effect of generating a lot of airline miles and points!

I do most of my product reselling through FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).  I am a very small fry in reselling; I’ll estimate that I have sold about 50 units total – a mixture of OA (Online Arbitrage) and RA (Retail Arbitrage).  I wrote back at the beginning of the month that I had received my first return of an item.  That Apple watch was sold, returned, sold again and now returned for a 2nd time

And now… the negative feedback!

I was looking through my Amazon seller profile this morning and found that I had gotten negative feedback

Received an apple watch box with no watch inside…

At this point it could have been the 1st buyer having stolen the watch, the 2nd buyer having stolen it, or Amazon having screwed something up (or the shipping company)


What to do next?

So having never experienced this before, I’m not entirely sure what the process is.  As I understand it, buyers are not “allowed” to give feedback / reviews on the actual selling process – product reviews are supposed to be only for reviews of the product itself (though I could be misunderstanding)

I talked to a few people and they suggested

  • Contacting Amazon Seller Support to have the feedback removed
  • Have Amazon send the watch BACK to me and then photo / video my opening the box.  If it is empty (as I assume it should be) then I will need to go through the process
  • Jeff from Sourcing Simplifiers sent me a link to their page about negative feedback removal

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