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My daughter and I have been planning a trip for awhile.  She has decided that she really wants to go to Costa Rica, but we’re waiting on a “good deal”, and I think she’d be happy anywhere in South or Central America.

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Roundtrip flights to Cartagena Colombia

From SecretFlying, there is a deal from Fort Lauderdale or Miami to Cartagena Colombia.  There are 2 flights from Miami (connecting in Panama City), and the flights from Fort Lauderdale are on JetBlue.  I could see availability on TWO different flights out of Miami (one at 6:13pm and one at 8:01pm, both connecting through Panama City).  Availability was great on many days all the way through early December, including short weekend trips.  The JetBlue flight was $190 and nonstop (availability was not as great)

Here’s one example, which even includes a day layover in Panama City (SEE: Stopover, layover, open-jaw? What are they and what’s the difference?)


Note that Colombia is one of the countries where there is known Zika virus, so be aware.

But I don’t LIVE in Florida!

If you don’t live in Florida then of course things get a little trickier, but it’s still doable.  Miami is an AA hub, and it should be 7500 Avios from most of the eastern US.  Southwest has several direct flights from Fort Lauderdale, though if you’re taking one of the morning flights out of Miami / Ft. Lauderdale, I’d recommend flying from your home city the night before, to avoid any kind of misconnection.

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This is not a mistake fare as far as I know, but it’s still a great deal, so as always, book now, ask questions later.  Most airlines give you 24 hours to cancel free, and it’s likely these fares will dry up shortly.

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