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Since 2013, T-Mobile users can travel in over 100 countries for free. But AT&T users are not as lucky. I have had AT&T cell phone service for many years. I hate their international data plan known as AT&T Passport. It costs $40 a month and comes with only 200MB data, It is a complete ripoff, but since I don’t travel overseas that often, I do not bother to change service. I was thrilled last month when I heard about the new AT&T International Data Pass, and it only cost $10 a day!

ATT International Data1

Details of AT&T International Day Pass

The new AT&T International Day Pass will let you use your data plan in over 100 countries. For $10 per day per device, customers will get 24-hour access to AT&T’s affiliate networks around the world. Data service will be available whenever they travel to countries such as U.K., France, Italy, China, India, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Central, and South America. The Day Pass also offers unlimited voice calls and text messages.

To get started you will need a Mobile Share plan or an AT&T Unlimited Plan. The pass cannot be purchased separately. It is a feature you can enable on your existing AT&T devices. Once added, the feature will stay on your device unless you decide to remove it. One warning though, if you have apps running in the background that use data, you’ll be charged the daily fee.

ATT International Day Pass

What? No International Data Pass in Japan?

I am getting ready for my first trip to Kyoto. Among the many tasks that I have to do prior to the trip is getting my phone ready for Japan, which means finding the cheapest data plan available with AT&T.  I was so excited about the new International Data Pass, and shocked when I found out Japan was not among the 100 countries! What?!! Looks like I am stuck again with the terrible AT&T Passport.

ATT International Data4

Are you an AT&T customer and traveling soon overseas? If so, I hope you are heading to a country that is covered by the new International Data Pass.


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