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I am always of two minds about sharing seemingly targeted credit card offers

On the one hand, it’s not that edifying to talk about “neener-neener, look at what I got and you probably didn’t get!”

On the other hand, sometimes it’s helpful to have a reminder to keep an eye out on emails or mail that you might otherwise toss into the spam / junk piles.  Many times, offers that seem targeted are actually available to most / all users with the same card.

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I got a letter in the mail the other day from Best Western, offering me (well, by “me” I mean my wife) 5,000 points after my first purchase


I signed up for the Best Western Mastercard a year or so ago when the bonus was up to 64,000 points.  We met the minimum spending, and I think have used our points for one night at the Best Western Country Suites Indianapolis, combining a BRG with an award stay (we need 2 rooms, remember)

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Normally, I thought the offer was about 16,000 points, though recently I saw a New Best Western 70,000 point offer a few months ago (several folks pointed out that the offer is not new, and seems to come and go)

Most recently, First Bankcard bought the Best Western card from Barclay, and I’m quite sure it hasn’t made it outside the sock drawer since then (we may not have even activated the card)

What does 5000 Best Western points get you?

Well, it doesn’t get you a TON, but it does do a few things.  I covered this in my presentation at the Family Travel for Real Life conference, but Category 1 Best Westerns are 8,000 (there aren’t many of these), and 12,000 points for a Category 2.  So this bonus would get you most of the way towards a stay and hey, free points!

At the very least, it should keep your points from expiring – so check your mail if you have the Best Western card!

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