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I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I have now updated the IHG Point Breaks map page that I maintain with the latest list, which was just released.  Remember, you can always bookmark that page and check in at

There are 166 hotels on the list. This is more than the last list (136) though slightly lower than the 2 quarters before that, which I’m sure is correlated with the fact that now instead of each hotel on the IHG Point Breaks list costing 5000 points / night, some PointBreaks hotels now cost 10,000 or 15,000 points / night.  Also related to that is the fact that we are now seeing 11 InterContinental and 29 Crowne Plaza hotels (down from 10 and 50 on the Q1 list and in line with 4 and 21 on the Q2 list)

The hotels are already bookable and will be through November 30th 2018.  Remember, the good hotels go fast so book quickly. There is also coverage of this from One Mile at a Time, Rapid Travel Chai, Frequent Miler, and more

I am also including the map and sortable table here for reference

IHG Point Breaks map October 2018 and November 2018

Here is the current IHG Point Breaks map, for hotels bookable in October 2018 and November 2018, and is the current and latest PointBreaks list.  These hotels will be bookable through November 30th, 2018

IHG Point Breaks list with sortable table of all current IHG Pointbreaks

If a sortable table is easier to view, here’s the current IHG / Priority Point Breaks list in a table form

IdHotel NameCityStateCountryBrandPointsHotel URLLatitudeLongitude
1Candlewood Suites SpringfieldSpringfieldIllinoisUnited StatesCandlewood Suites5000Hotel URL39.7817213-89.6501481
2Holiday Inn Express Rolling Mdws-Schaumburg AreaSchaumburgIllinoisUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL42.0333607-88.0834059
5Holiday Inn Express New AlbanyNew AlbanyMississippiUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL34.4942683-89.0078418
8Candlewood Suites SidneySidneyMontanaUnited StatesCandlewood Suites5000Hotel URL47.7166836-104.1563253
11Candlewood Suites WilsonWilsonNorth CarolinaUnited StatesCandlewood Suites5000Hotel URL35.7212689-77.9155395
14Candlewood Suites WilliamsportWilliamsportPennsylvaniaUnited StatesCandlewood Suites5000Hotel URL41.2411897-77.0010786
17Candlewood Suites CotullaCotullaTexasUnited StatesCandlewood Suites5000Hotel URL28.436934-99.2350322
18Candlewood Suites HarlingenHarlingenTexasUnited StatesCandlewood Suites5000Hotel URL26.1906306-97.6961026
19Candlewood Suites KenedyKenedyTexasUnited StatesCandlewood Suites5000Hotel URL28.8191468-97.8486123
20Holiday Inn Express & Suites FloresvilleFloresvilleTexasUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL29.1335781-98.1561192
21Holiday Inn Express & Suites JacksonvilleJacksonvilleTexasUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL31.963778-95.2705042
22Holiday Inn Express & Suites RaymondvilleRaymondvilleTexasUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL26.4814565-97.783051
53Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fort SaskatchewanFort SaskatchewanAlbertaCanadaHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL53.7007157-113.2094659
56Holiday Inn Express CuliacanCuliacanMexicoHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL24.8090649-107.3940117
59Holiday Inn Express Rio BrancoRio BrancoBrazilHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL-9.9753374-68.4293214
62Holiday Inn Antalya - LaraAntalyaTurkeyHoliday Inn5000Hotel URL36.896890830.7133233
63Holiday Inn Kayseri - DuvenonuKayseriTurkeyHoliday Inn5000Hotel URL38.72048935.482597
66Holiday Inn Express Fuzhou DowntownFuzhouChinaHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL26.074478119.296482
69Holiday Inn Express Handan EastHandanChinaHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL36.625656114.538961
70Holiday Inn Express Zhangjiakou Park ViewZhangjiakouChinaHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL40.767544114.886335
73Holiday Inn MudanjiangMudanjiangChinaHoliday Inn5000Hotel URL44.551653129.633168
76Holiday Inn Express LuanchuanLuancchuanChinaHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL33.785698111.615768
77Holiday Inn Express Zhengzhou Longzi LakeZhengzhouChinaHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL34.746611113.625328
80Holiday Inn Qingdao ExpoQingdaoChinaHoliday Inn5000Hotel URL36.067108120.382609
83Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Wenjiang HotspringChengduChinaHoliday Inn Express5000Hotel URL30.572815104.066801
136Holiday Inn Express AtmoreAtmoreUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL31.0237921-87.4938708
139Holiday Inn Express Peoria North - GlendalePeoriaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL40.6936488-89.5889864
142Holiday Inn Express & Suites Bryant - Benton AreaBryantUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL34.5959265-92.4890469
145Holiday Inn Express & Suites CamarilloCamarilloUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL34.2163937-119.0376023
148Holiday Inn Express & Suites Denver Northwest - BroomfieldBroomfieldUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL39.9205411-105.0866504
151Crowne Plaza StamfordStamfordUnited StatesCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL41.0534302-73.5387341
154Crowne Plaza Wilmington NorthWilmingtonUnited StatesCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL39.744655-75.5483909
157Candlewood Suites Miami Intl Airport - 36Th StMiamiUnited StatesCandlewood Suites10000Hotel URL25.7616798-80.1917902
160Crowne Plaza Chicago Sw - Burr RidgeBurr RidgeUnited StatesCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL41.7489203-87.9183919
161Crowne Plaza Chicago-NorthbrookNorthbrookUnited StatesCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL42.1275267-87.8289548
164Holiday Inn Express & Suites Evansville NorthEvansvilleUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL37.9715592-87.5710898
165Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mishawaka - South BendMishawakaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL41.6619927-86.1586156
166Holiday Inn Express & Suites PortagePortageUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL41.5758707-87.1761455
167Holiday Inn Express & Suites ScherervilleScherervilleUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL41.4789246-87.4547605
170Holiday Inn & Suites Des Moines-NorthwestDes MoinesUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL41.5868353-93.6249593
173Holiday Inn Express & Suites AtchisonAtchisonUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL39.5630521-95.1216356
174Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lenexa - Overland Park AreaLenexUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL38.9536174-94.7335709
175Holiday Inn Express Wichita SouthWichitaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL37.6871761-97.330053
178Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cincinnati South - WilderWilderKentuckyUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL39.0421103-84.4776372
181Holiday Inn CovingtonCovingtonUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL30.4754702-90.1009108
182Holiday Inn Express DonaldsonvilleDonaldsonvilleUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL30.1010323-90.9928773
185Candlewood Suites Portland - ScarboroughScarboroughUnited StatesCandlewood Suites10000Hotel URL43.5901974-70.3344921
188Holiday Inn Belcamp - Aberdeen AreaAberdeenUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL46.9753708-123.8157218
189Holiday Inn Express & Suites College Park-University AreaCollege ParkUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL38.9896967-76.93776
192Crowne Plaza Grand Rapids - AirportGrand RapidsUnited StatesCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL42.9633599-85.6680863
193Holiday Inn Express & Suites Southgate - Detroit AreaSouthgateUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL42.2139284-83.1938147
196Holiday Inn Express & Suites Columbus NorthColumbusUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL39.9611755-82.9987942
199Holiday Inn JoplinJoplinUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL37.0842271-94.513281
200Holiday Inn Express & Suites West Plains SouthwestWest PlainsUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL36.7281154-91.8523711
203Candlewood Suites Omaha AirportOmahaUnited StatesCandlewood Suites10000Hotel URL41.2565369-95.9345034
204Holiday Inn Omaha SouthwestOmahaUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL41.2565369-95.9345034
205Staybridge Suites Omaha 80Th And DodgeOmahaUnited StatesStaybridge Suites10000Hotel URL41.2565369-95.9345034
208Holiday Inn Express Bordentown - Trenton SouthBordentownUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL40.1462213-74.7118264
209Holiday Inn Express Princeton SoutheastPrincetonUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL40.3572976-74.6672226
212Holiday Inn Express & Suites Deming Mimbres ValleyDemingUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL32.2686981-107.7586404
215Holiday Inn Express Rochester - GreeceGreeceUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL37.982066823.7553325
216Holiday Inn Rochester Ny - DowntownRochesterUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL43.1565779-77.6088465
217Holiday Inn Express & Suites SalamancaSalamancaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL42.1578412-78.7150311
220Crowne Plaza HickoryHickoryUnited StatesCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL35.7344538-81.3444573
223Holiday Inn & Suites Mansfield-Conference CtrMansfieldUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL42.0334565-71.2190578
224Holiday Inn Express Lordstown-Newton Falls/WarrenLordstownUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL41.1656129-80.8575849
227Holiday Inn & Suites Oklahoma City NorthOklahoma CityUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL35.4675602-97.5164276
228Crowne Plaza Tulsa - Southern HillsTulsaUnited StatesCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL36.1539816-95.992775
231Holiday Inn Express & Suites GettysburgGettysburgUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL39.8309293-77.2310955
232Crowne Plaza ReadingReadingUnited StatesCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL40.3356483-75.9268747
235Holiday Inn Express & Suites BlythewoodBlythewoodUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL34.2143159-80.973977
236Holiday Inn Express & Suites I-26 & Us 29 At Westgate MallSpartanburgUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL34.9495672-81.9320482
239Holiday Inn Knoxville N - Merchant DriveKnoxvilleUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL35.9606384-83.9207392
242Holiday Inn Express & Suites Houston Sw - SharpstownSharpstownUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL29.7029023-95.5249863
243Staybridge Suites Odessa - Interstate Hwy 20OdessaUnited StatesStaybridge Suites10000Hotel URL31.8456816-102.3676431
244Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Antonio SouthSan AntonioUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL29.4241219-98.4936282
245Staybridge Suites Nw Near Six Flags FiestaSan AntonioUnited StatesStaybridge Suites10000Hotel URL29.4241219-98.4936282
246Holiday Inn Express & Suites SchulenburgSchulenburgUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL29.6819003-96.9030365
247Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Antonio North - WindcrestWindcrestUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL29.515508-98.3802925
250Holiday Inn Express & Suites Brigham City - North UtahBrigham CityUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL41.5102129-112.0155015
251Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lehi - Thanksgiving PointLehiUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL40.3916172-111.8507662
254Holiday Inn Express & Suites South HillSouth HillUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL36.726532-78.1288857
255Holiday Inn Express Quantico - StaffordStaffordUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL38.4220687-77.4083086
258Holiday Inn & Suites BellinghamBellinghamUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL48.7519112-122.4786854
261Holiday Inn Express & Suites PlattevillePlattevilleUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL42.73416-90.4784621
264Candlewood Suites CheyenneCheyenneUnited StatesCandlewood Suites10000Hotel URL41.1399814-104.8202462
294Holiday Inn & Suites Grande Prairie-Conference CtrGrande PrairieUnited StatesHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL32.7459645-96.9977846
295Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sherwood Park-Edmonton AreaSherwood ParkAlbertaCanadaHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL53.5412083-113.2957365
298Crowne Plaza Toluca-LancasterTolucaMexicoCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL19.2826098-99.6556653
301Hotel Indigo Veracruz Boca Del RioVeracruzMexicoHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL19.173773-96.1342241
304InterContinental MendozaMendozaArgentinaIntercontinental10000Hotel URL-32.8894587-68.8458386
307InterContinental San Salvador-Metrocentro MallSan SalvadorEl SalvadorIntercontinental10000Hotel URL13.6929403-89.2181911
310Staybridge Suites BakuBakuAzerbaijanStaybridge Suites10000Hotel URL40.409261749.8670924
313Holiday Inn Express Paris - Cdg AirportParisFranceHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL48.8566142.3522219
316Holiday Inn Express AugsburgAugsburgGermanyHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL48.370544910.89779
317Holiday Inn Hamburg - City NordHamburgGermanyHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL53.55108469.9936819
320Holiday Inn Express MaltaMaltaMaltaHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL35.93749614.375416
323Holiday Inn UlaanbaatarUlaanbaatarMongoliaHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL47.8863988106.9057439
325InterContinental BucharestBucharestRomaniaIntercontinental10000Hotel URL44.426767426.1025384
329Crowne Plaza BursaBursaTurkeyCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL40.188528129.0609636
330Crowne Plaza Istanbul - HarbiyeHarbiyeTurkeyCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL36.13872636.144094
331Holiday Inn Istanbul - SisliSisliTurkeyHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL41.060068728.9881109
334Holiday Inn Express Aberdeen City CentreAberdeenUnited KingdomHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL57.149717-2.094278
335Holiday Inn Express Chester - RacecourseChesterUnited KingdomHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL53.193392-2.893075
336Holiday Inn Express St. Albans - M25, Jct.22St. AlbansUnited KingdomHoliday Inn Express10000Hotel URL51.752725-0.33943599999998
339Crowne Plaza MadinahMadinahSaudi ArabiaCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL24.524654239.5691841
342Holiday Inn Cape TownCape TownSouth AfricaHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL-33.924868518.4240553
345Holiday Inn MutareMutareZimbabweHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL-18.975771432.650351
348Holiday Inn Kolkata AirportKolkataIndiaHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL22.57264688.363895
349Holiday Inn Chennai Omr It ExpresswayChennaiIndiaHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL13.082680280.2707184
352ANA Crowne Plaza WakkanaiWakkanaiJapanCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL45.4156641141.6730822
354ANA Crowne Plaza YonagoYonagoJapanCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL35.4280717133.3309447
356Crowne Plaza VientianeVientianeLaosCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL17.9757058102.6331035
359Crowne Plaza Shanghai Xiayang LakeShanghaiChinaCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL31.2303904121.4737021
362Holiday Inn MelakaMelakaMalaysiaHoliday Inn10000Hotel URL2.194418102.249063
365Crowne Plaza Kathmandu-SoalteeKathmanduNepalCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL27.717245385.3239605
368Crowne Plaza TainanTainanTaiwanCrowne Plaza10000Hotel URL22.9997281120.2270277
423Holiday Inn Express & Suites CarpinteriaCarpinteriaCaliforniaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL34.3988838-119.5184564
424Holiday Inn Express Sunnyvale - Silicon ValleySunnyvaleCaliforniaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL37.36883-122.0363496
427Holiday Inn Express & Suites LovelandLovelandColoradoUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL40.3977612-105.0749801
430Holiday Inn Express Fort Walton Beach CentralFort Walton BeachFloridaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL30.4200708-86.6170308
431Holiday Inn Express & Suites Saint Augustine NorthSaint AugustineFloridaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL29.9012437-81.3124341
434Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chicago-Midway AirportChicagoIllinoisUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL41.8781136-87.6297982
435Hotel Indigo Naperville RiverwalkNapervilleIllinoisUnited StatesHoliday Inn15000Hotel URL41.7508391-88.1535352
438Holiday Inn Express Kansas City - Village WestKansas CityKansasUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL39.1155314-94.6267873
441Holiday Inn Express & Suites South HavenSouth HavenMichiganUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL42.4030865-86.2736407
444Hotel Indigo Kansas City DowntownKansas CityMissouriUnited StatesHoliday Inn15000Hotel URL39.0997265-94.5785667
447Holiday Inn Express North Bergen - Lincoln TunnelNorth BergenNew JerseyUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL40.8042674-74.012084
450Holiday Inn Plattsburgh (Adirondack Area)PlattsburghNew YorkUnited StatesHoliday Inn15000Hotel URL44.6994873-73.4529124
451Crowne Plaza SyracuseSyracuseNew YorkUnited StatesCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL43.0481221-76.1474244
452Holiday Inn Express & Suites Watertown-Thousand IslandsWatertownNew YorkUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL43.9747838-75.9107565
455Staybridge Suites FargoFargoNorth DakotaUnited StatesStaybridge Suites15000Hotel URL46.8771863-96.7898034
458Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse SquareClevelandOhioUnited StatesCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL41.49932-81.6943605
461Holiday Inn Express & Suites Erie (Summit Township)EriePennsylvaniaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL42.1292241-80.085059
462Hotel Indigo Pittsburgh East LibertyPittsburghPennsylvaniaUnited StatesHoliday Inn15000Hotel URL40.4406248-79.9958864
465Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mt Rushmore/KeystoneKeystoneSouth DakotaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL43.8955436-103.4182455
466Holiday Inn Express & Suites Rapid City - Rushmore SouthRapid CitySouth DakotaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL44.0805434-103.2310149
467Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sioux Falls At Empire MallSioux FallsSouth DakotaUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL43.5473028-96.728333
470Hotel Indigo FriscoFriscoTexasUnited StatesHotel Indigo15000Hotel URL33.1506744-96.8236116
473Holiday Inn Express Vancouver North - Salmon CreekVancouverWashingtonUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL45.6272259-122.6727305
476Holiday Inn Express & Suites Superior - Duluth AreaSuperiorWisconsinUnited StatesHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL46.7207737-92.1040796
508Holiday Inn Calgary-Macleod Trail SouthCalgaryAlbertaCanadaHoliday Inn15000Hotel URL51.0486151-114.0708459
509Holiday Inn Express & Suites CalgaryCalgaryAlbertaCanadaHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL51.0486151-114.0708459
510Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary South-Macleod Trail SCalgaryAlbertaCanadaHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL51.0486151-114.0708459
513InterContinental Sao PauloSao PauloBrazilIntercontinental15000Hotel URL-23.5505199-46.6333094
516InterContinental Cartagena de IndiasCartagenaColombiaIntercontinental15000Hotel URL10.3910485-75.4794257
519InterContinental Miramar PanamaMiramarPanamaIntercontinental15000Hotel URL8.9749494-79.5262929
522Crowne Plaza Helsinki - HesperiaHelsinkiFinlandCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL60.169855724.9383791
525Crowne Plaza Berlin - Potsdamer PlatzBerlinGermanyCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL52.520006613.404954
528Crowne Plaza Venice East - Quarto d'AltinoVeniceItalyCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL45.440847412.3155151
531Independent QO AmsterdamAmsterdamNetherlandsQO15000Hotel URL52.36798434.9035613999999
534Crowne Plaza St. Petersburg - LigovskyLigovskyRussiaCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL59.914230530.3497371
535Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg - TchaikovskogoTchaikovskogoRussiaHoliday Inn15000Hotel URL59.94637130.347645
538InterContinental LjubljanaLjubljanaSloveniaIntercontinental15000Hotel URL46.056946514.5057515
541Holiday Inn Express Luzern - NeuenkirchLuzernSwitzerlandHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL47.05016828.3093072
544InterContinental KievKievUkraineIntercontinental15000Hotel URL50.450130.5234
547Crowne Plaza London - HeathrowLondonUnited KingdomCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL51.5073509-0.12775829999998
548Holiday Inn Express London - WandsworthLondonUnited KingdomHoliday Inn Express15000Hotel URL51.5073509-0.12775829999998
551InterContinental Le Vendome BeirutBeirutLebanonIntercontinental15000Hotel URL33.893791335.5017767
554Crowne Plaza Muscat OCECMuscatOmanCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL23.5858958.4059227
557InterContinental Al KhobarAl KhobarSaudi ArabiaIntercontinental15000Hotel URL26.217190650.1971381
558Crowne Plaza JeddahJeddahSaudi ArabiaCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL21.48581139.1925048
559Holiday Inn Jeddah GatewayJeddahSaudi ArabiaHoliday Inn15000Hotel URL21.48581139.1925048
560Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotel & ConventionRiyadhSaudi ArabiaCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL24.713551746.6752957
563Crowne Plaza Abu DhabiAbu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesCrowne Plaza15000Hotel URL24.45388454.3773438
566InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72HanoiVietnamIntercontinental15000Hotel URL21.0277644105.8341598

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