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I’m generally not super picky about the hotels that I stay in.  I’ve stayed in a few five star hotels, but I generally tend to save my points for other things.  All that means that I’ve stayed in some…. interesting hotels over the years.

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Recently though I stayed at the Country Inn and Suites in Charlotte and the pillows were…. really bad.

Budget hotels

The hotel itself was fine. The hotel airport shuttle was on-time though full – we shared it with a heavy metal band that was on their way back home after touring for 2 weeks in Mexico (no, really). There actually are quite a variety of low-end hotels near the Charlotte airport – there’s a Category 1 Hyatt House and TWO Hyatt Places. I’ve actually stayed at the Hyatt House before and had one of my best stays ever

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Originally I had that booked, but then I realized that my Club Carlson points were about to expire, so I figured I’d spend 15,000 points to book it, save my Hyatt points AND keep my Club Carlson points from expiring. The cash rates were pretty cheap, but I figured I’d save my cash or cash points, since I’m not likely to have any better use of Club Carlson points

I wasn’t planning on doing a full review because it was pretty much the same as any other Country Inn and Suites, and I’ve learned that people generally don’t care much about reviews of low-end hotels.

The world’s worst hotel pillows

But then… we went to go to sleep and found the world’s worst hotel pillows.

Not only were they super flat, to the point that it was barely like having a pillow at all, but there were only 4 of them (for a double bed)

I do prefer to have a few extra pillows (especially since these ones were so bad!), so I called down to the front desk, where I was told that they “don’t have any extra pillows”.  Good times…

I slept okay, though it didn’t help that the room phone randomly rang at like 4 in the morning for some reason.

So now I’m curious – what do you look for in a hotel bed pillow and do you remember where the worst pillows you ever had were? Leave a note in the comments


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