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When my kids were younger, they LOVED the Wiggles, and I’m not going to lie, some of their songs were just downright catchy even for us grownups.  For some reason the Wiggles came up in conversation at our house the other day, and it reminded me of a travel related clip that always stuck in my mind for its complete absurdity.

worst-travel-advice-everSince this is the Internet, of course it’s already on YouTube 🙂

The clip comes from the full-length Wiggles video “Space Dancing”, from 2003 and provides us with in my opinion the worst travel advice I’ve ever heard

If you can’t hear the video (or are too captivated by the creepy looking animation), the Wiggles are lost in space, and Greg the Yellow Wiggle gives the sage advice:

Captain… keep flying straight. We’re bound to get back on course if we just keep going straight

Uhhhh…. what?  That strikes me as some pretty bad travel advice!  If you’re lost, going in the same direction you’ve been going seems like just about the LEAST likely way to get back on course!

But it got me thinking there’s got to be some other bad travel advice out there so I thought I’d throw it out to my readers – what’s the worst travel advice you’ve ever heard?

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