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twittericonOne of the great measuring sticks of any online site is Twitter followers.  It’s really kind of silly and only mildly meaningful I’d say, but look at any site – they all boast about how many people follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, etc.  It’s given birth to a cottage industry of sorts – just the other day I had to block / report someone who followed me promising to give me 5,000 Twitter followers for only $29.

Anyways, I don’t like to obsess about it – but I can’t help it – I’m an engineer by trade and I like to count things!  In any case, one of the traditions on Twitter is FollowFriday #FF.  If you’ve never heard of this, the idea is that on Fridays, Twitter followers share various screen names with the hashtag #FF.  Doing this means that they think that people should follow those people.

Who to follow?

Well, in a true sense of verbosity, i couldn’t possibly bring myself to limit it to only 140 characters.  Here are a few folks that I follow that you should to (if you don’t already)

BoardingArea bloggers – @Mommy_Points, @GaryLeff, @FrequentMiler @HackMyTrip @DeltaPoints @pixie_points and of course @BoardingArea, which often retweets posts from each of the BA bloggers

Prior2Boarding bloggers – @hungryforpoints, @MilesToMemories @TravelWithGrant and of course @Prior2Board itself

Other travel bloggers – @TheDealMommy @TheAdventureMom @Saverocity @Milenomics @BigHabitatCom @TravelIsFree

I’m sure that I forgot a bunch of people too.

But Don’t forget about little ol’ @PointsWithACrew!

You can of course follow me at @PointsWithACrew – I am the #1 travel blogger with a family of 8 in the ENTIRE world.  I guarantee it, or your money back!

twittercounterI use the site Twitter Counter to track my followers (I told you, I’m an engineer – I can’t help it!).  And here’s an added incentive – if I get over 100 followers by the end of the weekend, I’ll have a giveaway on the blog next week.  I can’t promise it will be a super exciting giveaway (sorry no $500 gift cards like some blogs) but it will be SOMETHING.

If you’re not following me on , now’s your chance!  If you’re already following, thank you, and why not participate in #FF FollowFriday by tweeting a list of your favorite folks to follow (including me too, right?!?)  And feel free to leave some good folks to follow in the comments too (yourself included if you want!)

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