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As you may already know, I’m a sucker for lists and checking things off of lists.  I mean I know they’re kind of cheesy and clickbait-y but hey like I said, I’m a sucker 🙂

I saw another one last night over on Maps and Menus that I thought was interesting enough to share.  It’s called The Top things to do in all 50 states

Click the image for a bigger copy

Now while I’d certainly quibble with some of the items that they picked on the list (I mean the US Air Force Museum is cool and all (I’ve been there), but I don’t know that I’d classify that as the BEST thing to do in all of Ohio.  Though this list is at least better than the list the guy that was trying to find the fastest time to visit all 50 states used – Spring Grove Cemetery as the best thing in all of Ohio?  C’mon man!

The methodology that this particular map used is as good as any I suppose – it’s the top rated thing on Trip Advisor for that particular state.  Sure enough, the top rated thing to do in Ohio according to Tripadvisor users is indeed the Air Force Museum

How many of the Top 50 I’ve been to

So out of the Top 50 things to do, I have been to 16 of them on this list

  • AZ – Grand Canyon South Rim
  • CA – Alcatraz Island (well, I’ve SEEN Alcatraz from Fisherman’s Wharf – does that count? 😀 )
  • WY – Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Right near these Fountain Paint Pots was a gentleman wandering through the grass, despite the large signs saying to stay on the boardwalk.

Hanging out at Heckscher Playground in Central Park

  • MA – Fenway Park
  • NC – Blue Ridge Parkway
  • VA – Arlington National Cemetery
  • DC – Lincoln Memorial

Now it’s your turn – any quibbles with the attraction for your state? How many of these Top things to do in all 50 states have YOU been to?  Leave a note in the comments

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