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So… I’m a sucker for checking things off “lists”.  This is actually how I get things done even in the non-travel-related part of my life.  But from a travel perspective, one of my motivations for creating a “Travel Bucket List” was to have a list that I could check off :-).  My bucket list has several kind of “check off the list” type entries, from visiting all 50 states (45 / 50 as of this writing!, or driving on every Interstate, and of course, visiting all 3,143 counties)

tracking-world-heritage-sites-county-signs(A montage of pictures from one of my most recent county trip –  NV/ID/OR county trip – 17 hours, 3 kids, no electronics)

I actually got yelled at (virtually speaking) the other day by someone on Twitter who didn’t like my “checking things off list” mentality – asking what was the point of just checking things off – you have to actually SEE things.  And while I don’t disagree entirely, to me, there can be times for both of those.  Plus, the more and faster you go, the more opportunities you have to see things.  Sometimes it’s good to see a little bit of a lot of things, and sometimes it’s good to spend some time in-depth somewhere.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Which brings me back to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  It’s a list of 1007 sites (as of 2014) that is “of special cultural or physical significance”.  I recently stumbled across the Wandering Aramean’s tool to track visits.

Well I guess I had seen it before, but the other day I decided to sit down and register and track down my visits.  I have visited a grand total of…. 4 🙂

tracking-unesco-world-heritage-sites-visited-pointswithacrewHaving not done a ton of international travel, my visits to World Heritage Sites have been kind of limited.  Italy has the most World Heritage Sites (50), followed by China, Spain, France and Germany.  My 4 visits are:

What about you?  How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites have you visited?


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