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Today is New Year’s Eve, so if you’re like many (most? some? any?) people, you might be out partying tonight and possibly looking for a ride home later.  Personally, our family’s tradition is sitting home, watching a movie and chugging root beer floats 🙂

But if you’re out on the town, you may be wondering about Uber New Years Eve pricing rates.  Uber posted an informative chart on their official blog yesterday


Surprise, surprise, but everyone wants to go places at exactly the same time!

Uber New Years Eve pricing

So take that into consideration when you are making your plans for New Years Eve.  If you’re planning on going somewhere (home?) between 12:30 and 2:30, either don’t use Uber or plan

I know that some people seem to think that magical amounts of Uber cars without surge pricing is their God-given right, but in the real world that’s just not the way it is.

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Or the alternative is to be “that guy” who rushes out of the bar at 12:01 in order to beat the rush (that would TOTALLY be me :-P)

Uber New Years Eve alternatives

If paying crazy surge pricing isn’t your thing, there are a number of alternatives

  1. In San Francisco, startup company FlyWheel is offering flat-rate $10 taxi rides during New Year’s Eve
  2. If you belong to AAA, they offer free rides home in some areas
  3. Many public transit providers (Boston, Chicago among many others) are offering free rides during New Year’s Eve

FYI, Lyft is raising its maximum surge from 3x to 5x for New Year’s Eve.

Stay safe out there!

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