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 EDITED: This deal is now EXPIRED due to limited availability
There are two current offers with Uber that could get you savings off of your next few rides. These offers are for a limited time and could vary by account.

What’s the deal

$2 off next 10 rides

  • First offer – Uber offers $2 Off Your Next 10 Rides
  • Apply promo code TWOOFFTEN


Image courtesy of Uber

$5 off next two rides

  • Second offer Uber offers $5 Off Your Next 2 Rides
  • Apply promo code FIVEOFFTWO
  • When I loaded this code, Uber showed it as $2 Off your Next 10 Rides. But right above it in green, it showed $5 off (as shown below)
  • If you want to add both codes, it was reported to add the $2 off your next 10 rides promo code first and then I added the $5 off your next two rides promo after.
  • Use the code that will work best for you depending on your Uber usage.
  • Image courtesy of Uber

How to apply promo code

  1. Simply go to the Uber App on your smartphone (if you don’t have one, download the Uber App)
  2. Go to Payments
  3. Add promo code as shown above.

Other key things to note

  • This code is valid after 14 days from the time of entry
  • Limited time offer only
  • Each account eligibility could vary.
  • These Uber offer codes tend to have a short availability so download the code as soon as possible.
  • It’s possible that this could only work for Uber accounts in the US (but if you’re outside the US and the code worked for you, please let me know).

As always, I’m interested to know if these codes work for you. A little savings here and there won’t hurt. Good luck.


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