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So ever since I got into travel hacking a year or two ago, we have done a TON more traveling than we had done since we’ve been married.  In the past year, we have gone:

This is compared to maybe 2 or 3 flights total in the first 15 years we were married.

So now that I’m traveling a lot more, I want to start keeping track of the flights, airlines, airports and such that I’ve been to.  Kind of similar to tracking the counties I’ve visited!


I saw a tweet from Point Princess about Jet Lovers the other day

One of the features of JetLovers is that it automatically updates your map based on your social media check-ins.  I don’t know if you can manually enter in flights or not, but if not, that would be a deal breaker for me.  I do like the maps that it produces

Flight Memory

Flight Memory is another site that tracks the flights that you’ve taken.  This is more manual, which can either be a good thing or bad thing.  Here’s an example of the map that is generated from Miles, Points and Mai Tais.


Flight Diary

Flight Diary is another option.  With Flight Diary you get a personal profile with a map and detailed statistics about your flights with graphs on CO2 emissions, top airports, airlines, etc.



Open Flights is more of an open-source site as far as I can tell.  The user interface is pretty basic

open-flightsOne advantage of Open Flights is that is somewhat of a standard for storing the information – most of the other sites will export or let you import from the OpenFlights data format

Other sites

A few other sites that I came across include

  • Pitot, which is $4.95 / mo and thus “way” more than I want to pay for it.
  • is another site that uses maps from GCmap.

Any other ones?  What do you use and what would you recommend?

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