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Reader Brandon left a comment on the post I wrote a few days ago about whether it ever made sense for a dad to fly in business class while his wife and baby fly back in coach.  He said:

I once gave up a free 1st class upgrade to a woman with a baby. The mom looked super stressed out and couldn’t believe I would do that for her. That gate agent about fell over too saying “nobody does that.”
It felt good to help her out and was funny to see the looks on the faces of those in first class who couldn’t believe a woman with a baby might ruin their first class atmosphere. The baby didn’t make a peep and the mother told me it was the most sleep she had in days.
Moral of the story. Babies can be in first class just like anyone else.

Nicest thing you’ve ever done for a fellow passenger

So that got me to thinking.  Let’s not turn this post into a “whether babies belong in first class” post – since that’s probably a discussion for another day!  I wanted to think about the NICE things that Travel (especially in cramped quarters in the back of an airplane) are stressful situations, and often seem to bring out the worst in us.  I often like to joke about the time that a fellow passenger told my wife and I that we were “the type of people that shouldn’t have children“, or stabbing each other with pens, and then there’s the story of United (supposedly) FORCING a family to sit in (near?) vomit.

Still, there are plenty of examples of people doing nice things for other passengers.  Besides Brandon, here was a recent tweet from Leslie at Trips With Tykes.

So… what’s the nicest thing you’ve done for (or maybe had done for you by?) a fellow passenger while traveling?


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