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Southwest Airlines is one of my favorite airlines to travel.  I earned the Southwest Companion Pass earlier this year, which means that anytime I fly Southwest for the rest of this year (and all of 2015!) my wife gets to travel for free!

Already in 2014, we’ve flown several flights, including the infamous flight where a passenger told my wife and I that we were “the type of people that shouldn’t have children“.  We even turned down close to $1000 in vouchers for possibly getting bumped!

Southwest is one of the only major domestic carriers that does not provide access to Gogo in-flight wifi.  They have their own system, but one perk that they have is that they have free on-board TV and movies.

Southwest in-flight TV and movies


I wrote earlier this year about the fact that Southwest offered free live TV (via DirecTV) on its flights, but hadn’t yet flown Southwest to be able to give more details on what the service was like.

Basically, you watch a 30 second video, then you are available to watch live TV on several different stations as well as selected episodes of different individual shows.  There are a variety of stations – flying one recent Sunday afternoon they did have FOX showing live NFL games, but most of them didn’t have anything particularly interesting (hey! it’s just like TV at home!!) 🙂

Most of the shows were not particularly interesting to me either, though there was My Little Pony and Pound Puppies for kids.  There were a lot of the House Hunters style shows .  I guess I’ve been out of watching TV for so long (we pretty much watch only Netflix, The Amazing Race, and sports at our house).  Most of the shows had 5 episodes each to watch.

Problems with my Android device

So the TV worked great on my wife’s iPhone and on our iPads.  On my Android (Moto G)… not so much.

According to Southwest’s official FAQ, Androids should work.  They say:

Android browsers don’t always have Flash capabilities by default. The availability of this option depends on manufacturer settings. You can enable your device with Flash before your flight or wait until your flight and follow the directions for your specific operating system inflight.

Check your devices’ browsers for Flash plugin capability within the browser Advanced settings. If your device does not appear to support Flash plugins, download a compatible browser such as FireFox from the Google Play store.

But nothing I did worked.  I downloaded Flash and installed it manually on my device.  I tried other browsers.  Nothing.

Anyone else ever have this happen to them?  Any solutions?

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