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The IHG Priceless Surprises promotion has been a fun one, but a relatively painful one.  It started out all fun and games, when an enterprising blogger figured out that rather than staying 94 times at IHG hotels, you could just mail in 94 envelopes that would net you about 50,000 IHG points.  I immediately started my minions to work!  94 envelopes for me, and 94 for my wife, hoping to net 100,000 hotel points.


The saga continues

I’m used to these types of promotions taking a little bit of follow through to actually GET what they say you should get.  I once did a promotion involving a laptop, 10 pieces of anti-virus software, 2 printers and 47 mail-in rebates, so I know how this

Here are some of the updates that I’ve made on my saga

Promotion ended March 15th…. now what?

My account got all 94 of my game plays after only a brief delay.  I won 2,000 points twice, 1,000 points 3 times and the other 89 times were 500 point wins – for a total of 51,500 points.  My wife, who mailed her 94 envelopes in the day after mine, was stuck on only 14 gameplays for the longest time, but eventually got up to 54 plays.  On March 14th, the day before the contest officially ended, I emailed to complain, and received another 16 entries, for a total of 70 plays.  She currently has won 1,000 points 5 times and 500 points 65 times, for a total of 37,500 points.  I’ve verified that the 89,000 total points have posted to each of our accounts.

I have emailed Hello World AT LEAST 3 times about my missing 24 plays.  The last email, which I sent to on Sunday was returned with an auto-responder saying basically “Sorry about your luck – the contest ended March 15th”.  I am quite sure that Hello World is happy to see the end of this contest as I bet they got WAY more than they bargained for 🙂

At this point I’ll be reaching out to IHG, and I feel pretty confident that they will at least credit me the minimum of 500 points for my missing 24 entries, or 12,000 points total.  We shall see!

Anyone else in the same boat with missing IHG Priceless Surprises entries?  Any other good tips for getting your points?

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