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citi-dividend-categories-2016-citi-logoIt’s the end of the year, and so it’s time to start talking about Citi Dividend categories 2016.  The Citi Dividend card is currently not available for signup as far as I can tell, and even product changing into the Citi Dividend has been postponed, though I have read that Citi may be opening up product changes later this year (EDIT: A commenter has pointed out that apparently Citi is allowing product changes now)

Citi Dividend Categories 2016 – how they work

The Citi Dividend is a cash back card that works similar to more popular cards like the Chase Freedom.  It’s a no annual fee card that earns 1% on all purchases, with a series of rotating quarterly categories that earn you 5% on purchases during that quarter.

With both cards, there is a limit of how much 5% cashback you can earn.  With Chase Freedom, you get 5% on the first $1500 of spending each quarter, or $75 each quarter ($300 for the year).  With Citi Dividend categories, there is also the $300 annual limit, but there has been no real quarterly limits.

Citi Dividend Categories 2016 5% calendar

Here is the Citi Dividend Categories 2016 calendar:


This is fairly similar to the Citi Dividend categories 2015 calendar

For those of us with the typical churners cards, the drugstores are likely to be the biggest winners – if you have a drug store (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid) that will let you buy Visa gift cards, you can do the whole $6,000 in spending in that quarter, get your $300 bonus cashback, and then put the card back in the sock drawer!

Personally, I don’t have a card in order to take part in maximizing the Citi Dividend 2016 calendar, but if/when Citi opens product changes back up, I have a few Citi cards that I wouldn’t mind product changing into one!

(Thanks to Doctor of Credit and Reddit)


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